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Key Things That Cause Drawbacks to Jessica’s Law

To prevent past sexual offenders from committing the same crime again, California comes up with Jessica’s law. Hence, the spirit of this law is to protect young children from people who have committed sexual offenses in the past. It is, however, necessary to acknowledge that Jessica’s law has several flaws. If you are currently studying law or have a passion for the law, you need to look for online resources that will educate you more on Jessica’s law. The goal is to learn the stipulations of Jessica’s law and discover the source of the name. Read more now to uncover the flaws you need to learn about Jessica’s law.

To prevent repeat crime Jessica’s law stipulates the guilty persons should be registered as sex offenders. Hence, this stipulation makes it impossible for these offenders to get jobs. Today, companies undertake background checks, and therefore having been convicted for sex offenses means that no one will hire you. Hence, to get something to do and earn money is extremely hard for registered sex offenders under Jessica’s law.

The other stipulation of Jessica’s law is for the offenders to stay away from places with children. The problem at the moment is that most residential premises are nearby these areas. It is challenging to find homes that are not near schools and parks. The other challenge is that many neighborhoods will raise concerns when there is a registered sex offender living there. Thus, finding anyone willing to lease his or her property to a registered sex offender is almost impossible.

The other flaw of Jessica’s law is that even after serving the jail term the sex offenders are still outcasts in the society. Most people try to stay away from people who have served jail terms. People with feeling uncomfortable when interacting with a person with a criminal record. It is therefore impossible to socialize and meet new people when a person is a registered sex offender. People don’t like the belief that a sex offender can be completely reformed. The other argument is that sex offenders are always looking for the opportunity to strike again.

The limitation of Jessica’s law does not mean that it is redundant as it helps keep children safe from known sex offenders. It is crucial to know those sex offenders are also people despite their heinous crime and deserve a chance to be reformed and contribute towards the growth of the society. The goal is to create a scenario where the likelihood of the sex offenders repeating the crime is diminished. Thus, the lawmaker has a duty of examining these limitations and deciding the best solution.